Title: Aquinas on Virtue: A Causal Reading, Author: Nicholas Austin
Title: Evolution of Altruism and the Ordering of Love, Author: Stephen J. Pope
Title: Sex, Violence, and Justice: Contraception and the Catholic Church, Author: Aline H. Kalbian
Title: The Origins of War: A Catholic Perspective, Author: Matthew A. Shadle
Title: Reconsidering Intellectual Disability: L'Arche, Medical Ethics, and Christian Friendship, Author: Jason Reimer Greig
Title: Aquinas on the Emotions: A Religious-Ethical Inquiry, Author: Diana Fritz Cates
Title: Sexual Person: Toward a Renewed Catholic Anthropology, Author: Todd A. Salzman
Title: Loyal Dissent: Memoir of a Catholic Theologian, Author: Charles E. Curran
Title: The Church and Secularity: Two Stories of Liberal Society, Author: Robert Gascoigne
Title: The Social Mission of the U.S. Catholic Church: A Theological Perspective, Author: Charles E. Curran
Title: The Vice of Luxury: Economic Excess in a Consumer Age, Author: David Cloutier
Title: Reimagining Human Rights: Religion and the Common Good, Author: William R. O'Neill
Title: Catholic Social Teaching, 1891-Present: A Historical, Theological and Ethical Analysis / Edition 1, Author: Charles E. Curran
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Title: Ground Beneath the Cross: The Theology of Ignacio Ellacuria, Author: Kevin F. Burke
Title: Wealth, Virtue, and Moral Luck: Christian Ethics in an Age of Inequality, Author: Kate Ward Pre-Order Now
Title: Medicine and the Ethics of Care / Edition 1, Author: Diana Fritz Cates
Title: Catholic Moral Theology in the United States: A History / Edition 2, Author: Charles E. Curran
Title: Creative Conformity: The Feminist Politics of U.S. Catholic and Iranian Shi'i Women, Author: Elizabeth M. Bucar
Title: Aquinas and Empowerment: Classical Ethics for Ordinary Lives, Author: G. Simon Harak
Title: The Aesthetics of Solidarity: Our Lady of Guadalupe and American Democracy, Author: Nichole M. Flores

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