Title: The New Breed: Systems for the Development of Your Own Creativity, Author: Gary Chester
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Title: Modern Drummer Legends: Danny Seraphine, Author: Danny Seraphine
Title: Modern Drummer Legends: Rush's Neil Peart - An Anthology of Neil's Modern Drummer Cover Stories, Author: Neil Peart
Title: Modern Drummer Legends: Peter Erskine - Book with exclusive Erskin recordings, interviews and photos, Author: Peter Erskine
Title: Cross-Sticking Studies: Exercises for Moving Around the Drumset, Author: Ron Spagnardi
Title: Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method, Author: Carmine Appice
Title: Modern Drummer Legends: Steve Smith, Author: Steve Smith
Title: Master Studies, Author: Joe Morello
Title: Inside Out: Exploring the Mental Aspects of Drumming, Author: Billy Ward
Title: Drum Wars: Realistic Drum Solos Unfolded, Author: Carmine Appice
Title: Modern Drummer Legends: Kenny Aronoff, Author: Kenny Aronoff
Title: Modern Drummer Presents Rhythm & Chops Builders: Timing and Technique Exercises for the Modern Drummer, Author: Bill Bachman
Title: Rudimental Jazz (Music Instruction): A Musical Application of Rudiments to the Drumset, Author: Joe Morello
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Title: Off the Record: Inside the Playing of Today's Top Drummers, Author: Ed Breckenfeld
Title: Modern Drummer Presents Exercises in African-American Funk: Mangambe, Bikutsi and the Shuffle, Author: Jonathan Joseph
Title: The Jazz Drummer's Workshop: Advanced Concepts For Musical Development, Author: John Riley
Title: Accent Control: Accent Patterns for Technique and Solo Development, Author: Ron Spagnardi
Title: The Great Jazz Drummers, Author: Ronald Spagnardi
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Title: The Modern Snare Drummer, Author: Ron Spagnardi
Title: Master Studies II: More Exercises for the Development of Control and Technique, Author: Joe Morello

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