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Title: Dance With the Devil, Artist: Burning Witches
Title: Shred Force 1 (The Essential MAB), Artist: Michael Angelo Batio
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Title: Born of Fire, Artist: Ross the Boss
Title: Manor of the Se7en Gables, Artist: Them
Title: Back from the Edge, Artist: Mindmaze
Title: Deadrisen, Artist: Deadrisen
Title: Midnight Eternal, Artist: Midnight Eternal
Title: Atomic Ark, Artist: Lalu
by Lalu
Title: The Blackened Heart, Artist: Enbound
Title: Out in the Cold, Artist: Frost
by Frost
Title: Pawn and Prophecy, Artist: Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Title: Now or Never, Artist: The V
by The V
Title: The Jaguar Priest, Artist: Universal Mind Project
Title: Exodus, Artist: Waken Eyes
Title: Dark Passenger, Artist: Starbynary
Title: Mirror of Creation III: Project Ikaros, Artist: Tomorrow's Eve
Title: Fantasmagoria, Artist: Epysode
Title: Break Free, Artist: Eynomia
Title: Whore of Babylon, Artist: Mike LePond's Silent Assassins