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Title: Divine Democracy: Political Theology after Carl Schmitt, Author: Miguel Vatter
Title: The Republic of the Living: Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society, Author: Miguel Vatter
Title: Machiavelli's 'The Prince': A Reader's Guide, Author: Miguel Vatter
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Title: Democracia y poder constituyente, Author: Diego Sazo
Title: Crediting God: Sovereignty and Religion in the Age of Global Capitalism, Author: Miguel Vatter
Title: Between Form and Event: Machiavelli's Theory of Political Freedom, Author: Miguel Vatter
Title: Esperanza, pero no para nosotros. Capitalismo, técnica y estética en Walter Benjamin, Author: Horst Rolf Nitschack Nitschack
Title: Living Law: Jewish Political Theology from Hermann Cohen to Hannah Arendt, Author: Miguel Vatter