Title: The Forgotten Navy, Author: John Stockton
Title: When I Was A Little Girl, Author: Mae Logozzo Samal Knox
Title: The Heebie Jeebies, Author: Carol Bland Dolson
Title: Award-Winning Essays: 2015 Miglior Press Essay Contest, Author: Miglior Press
Title: When You Reach A Fork In The Road, Take It, Author: Bernard K. Bookman
Title: Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems, Author: Michelle Castleberry
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Title: Over the Rainbow: Memoir of a Kansas Girl, Author: Mary Erlanger
Title: The Terrible And Wonderful, Ugly And Beautiful Story Of My Life So Far, Author: Jenny Skylark Kuvin
Title: Blessed Beyond All Means: From Rural Georgia to the Corridors of Power, Author: George Watson Campbell
Title: Living In A Dying Body, Author: Anthony C. Mann
Title: Family, the Depression, and Buzz Bombs over London: One Life from the Greatest Generation, Author: Grover Cleveland Jr Futch
Title: Dear Marguerite and Me, Author: Carol Bland Dolson
Title: Confessions of a Survivor, Author: Kathleen Barbee
Title: Life: Styled by Willie, Author: Willorene Morrow
Title: Opportunity Is Everywhere: The Story of America's Supermarket Banker, Author: J Alton Wingate
Title: Tim and Sally's Year in Poems, Author: Grady Thrasher
Title: One Hell Of A Ride, Author: Edmond F. Jared
Title: The Anhinga Tree, Author: Donna Maddock-Cowart
Title: They Used To Call Me Pinky: Growing Up In America's Heartland, Author: M Lynn Stanfield
Title: The Last General, Author: Ben B. Walton