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Title: Greatest Hits [Capitol], Artist: Blondie
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Title: Closer to Home [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Grand Funk Railroad
Title: American Pie [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Don McLean
Title: No Parking on the Dance Floor, Artist: Midnight Star
Title: Retrospective, Artist: Leon Russell
Title: The Warning [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Queensrÿche
Title: We're an American Band [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Grand Funk Railroad
Title: Mother's Milk [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Title: Just Gets Better with Time, Artist: The Whispers
Title: Planetary Invasion, Artist: Midnight Star
Title: Love Is Where You Find It, Artist: The Whispers
Title: Queensrÿche [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Queensrÿche
Title: The Look, Artist: Shalamar