Title: Pale Rider
Title: Outlaw Josey Wales/Pale Rider/Unforgiven
Title: Outlaw Josey Wales/Pale Rider
Title: Q: Winged Serpent
Title: A Return to Salem's Lot
Title: Clint Eastwood Triple Feature: Outlaw Josey Wales/Pale Rider/Bronco Billy
Title: Bang the Drum Slowly
Title: Dark Tower
Title: Report to the Commissioner
Title: The Winds of Kitty Hawk
Title: Pascal: Reasoning and Belief, Author: Michael Moriarty
Title: James Dean
Title: It's Alive Collection
Title: The Customer Satisfaction Audit, Author: Abram I Bluestein
Title: Hemingway's Retreat to Ireland, Author: J. Michael Moriarty
Title: Revue Bossuet: Bossuet et l'Angleterre, Author: Michael Moriarty
Title: The Cambridge History of French Thought, Author: Michael Moriarty
Title: Roland Barthes, Author: Michael Moriarty
Explore Series
Title: The Art and Science of Creation: A How-To Guide to Manifestation, Author: Michael Moriarty
Title: Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season

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