Title: Introduction to Theatre Arts: A 36 Week Action Handbook, Author: Suzi Zimmerman
Title: Directing for the Stage: A Workshop Guide for 42 Creative Training Exercises and Projects, Author: Terry John Converse
Title: Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation, Author: Charna Halpern
Title: Fifty Professional Scenes for Student Actors: A Collection of Short Two-Person Scenes, Author: Garry Michael Kluger
Title: 22 Comedy Ten-Minute Plays: Royalty-free plays for teens and young adults, Author: Laurie Allen
Title: Audition Monologues for Young Women: Contemporary audtion pieces for aspiring Actresses, Author: Gerald Lee Ratliff
Title: Drama Games and Acting Exercises: 177 Games and Activities for Actors, Author: Rod Martin
Title: Everything About Theatre Teacher's Guide, Author: Robert L Lee
Title: Thirty-Three Short Comedy Plays for Teens: Plays for small Casts, Author: Laurie Allen
Title: Theatre Games for Young Performers, Author: Maria C. Novelly
Title: 275 Acting Games: Connected: A comprehensive workbook of theatre games for developing acting skills, Author: Gavin Levy
Title: Acting Games: Improvisations and Exercises, Author: Marsh Cassady
Title: Improv Ideas: A Book of Games and Lists, Author: Justine Jones
Title: 10-Minute Plays for Middle School Performers: Plays for a variety of cast Sizes, Author: Rebecca Young
Title: Introduction to Theatre Arts: Teacher's Handbook, Author: Suzi Zimmerman
Title: Everything about Theatre!: The Guidebook of Theatre Fundamentals / Edition 1, Author: Robert LeRoy Lee
Title: The Ultimate Improv Book: A Complete Guide to Comedy Improvisation, Author: Edward J. Nevraumont
Title: Mel White's Readers Theatre Anthology; 28 All-Occasion Readings for Storytellers, Author: Melvin R. White
Title: Play Directing in the School: A drama director's survival guide, Author: David Grote
Title: More Ten-minute Plays for Middle School Performers: Plays for a Variety of Cast Sizes, Author: Rebecca Young

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