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Title: Just Breathe, Author: Annette Rivlin-Gutman
Title: Striker Jones and the Midnight Archer Teacher's Companion, Author: Maggie M. Larche
Title: Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks, Author: Melissa Bailey
Title: The Pesky Fly, Author: Vance Durrington
Title: The Dusty Kite, Author: Louise Rempe
Title: Elephant Art, Author: Christina Strickland
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Title: Something's Amiss With Miss Priss, Author: Melissa Bailey Slater
Title: Repentance is more than just a turn!: How are you living?, Author: Melissa Bailey
Title: Broc and Cara's Gut Book, Author: Dave A Wilson
Title: Well, For Goodness Sake Little Jake, Author: Melissa Bailey
Title: Your Daddy Loves You, Author: Tom Choquette
Title: What Happened in Tutterhelm, Author: Melissa Bailey Slater
Title: School Reform City, Author: Melissa Bailey
Title: The Story of Peter Pudgy, Author: Maria S Landis
Title: Lullaby for Lovey, Author: Kathleen Schuller
Title: Sophie's New School, Author: Kathy Lampert
Title: If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake: (based on a true story), Author: Rah M Gist