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Title: Popsicle Toes-True story of growing up as the victim of the Bartow Florida Mall Rapist--, Author: Anne Vitasek
Title: A World Made of Fire, Author: Mark Childress
Title: Social Slaughter In America, Author: Anne Vitasek
Title: V for Victor, Author: Mark Childress
Title: Looking for Harper Lee, Author: Mark Childress
Title: The Fourth Revolution, Author: Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
Title: Classics Reclassified, Author: Richard Willard Armour
Title: Thousand and One Questions and Answers about Your Car, Author: Morton J. Schultz
Title: Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Yucca, Author: John Heinerman
Title: Programming the Web Using XML, Author: Ellen Pearlman
Title: Guide to Roof and Gutter Installation and Repair, Author: McGraw-Hill
Title: The Peasant Gourmet, Author: Jonathan Bartlett
Title: Punctured Poems, Author: Richard Willard Armour
Title: Texas Children's Hospital Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Author: Adam W. Lowry
Title: De Vries, Author: Peter Devries
Title: Nutrition and Stress, Author: Harold S. Rosenberg
Title: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design with UML and the Unified Process, Author: Stephen R. Schach
Title: Puzzles and Games for Reading and Math:(The Gifted & Talented Wookbooks Series) A Workbook for Ages 4-6, Author: Susan Amerikaner
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Title: Portuguese Language Phrase Book, Author: Harrap's Limited Staff
Title: Corporate Information Strategy and Management: The Challenges of Managing in a Network Economy, Author: Lynda M. Applegate

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