Title: When the Whalers Were Up North: Inuit Memories from the Eastern Arctic, Author: Dorothy Harley Eber
Title: Unravelling the Franklin Mystery, Second Edition: Inuit Testimony, Author: David C. Woodman
Title: For an Amerindian Autohistory: An Essay on the Foundations of a Social Ethic, Author: George E. Sioui
Title: When the North Was Red: Aboriginal Education in Soviet Siberia, Author: Dennis A. Bartels
Title: Cold Comfort: My Love Affair with the Arctic / Edition 2, Author: Graham W. Rowley
Title: This Distant and Unsurveyed Country: A Woman's Winter at Baffin Island, 1857-1858, Author: Gillies Ross
Title: Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women / Edition 1, Author: Nancy Wachowich
Title: Justice in Paradise, Author: Bruce Clark
Title: The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher: An Elizabethan Adventure, Author: Robert McGhee
Paperback $26.34 $32.95 Current price is $26.34, Original price is $32.95.
Title: Arctic Migrants/Arctic Villagers: The Transformation of Inuit Settlement in the Central Arctic, Author: David Damas
Title: The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl With One Spoon, Part One, Author: Anthony J. Hall
Title: Chee Chee: A Study of Aboriginal Suicide, Author: Al Evans
Title: Coyote and Raven Go Canoeing: Coming Home to the Village, Author: Peter Cole
NOOK Book $16.99 $29.95 Current price is $16.99, Original price is $29.95.
Title: Something New in the Air: The Story of First Peoples Television Broadcasting in Canada, Author: Lorna Roth
Title: Robert and Frances Flaherty: A Documentary Life, 1883-1922, Author: Robert J. Christopher
Hardcover $41.67 $49.95 Current price is $41.67, Original price is $49.95.
Title: Constructing Colonial Discourse: Cook at Nootka Sound, 1778, Author: N. E. Currie
Title: Hollow Tree: Fighting Addiction with Traditional Native Healing, Author: Herb Nabigon
NOOK Book $10.99 $17.95 Current price is $10.99, Original price is $17.95.
Title: The Return of Caribou to Ungava, Author: A. T. Bergerud
Title: Firekeepers of the Twenty-First Century: First Nations Women Chiefs, Author: Cora Voyageur
Title: Isuma: Inuit Video Art, Author: Michael Robert Evans

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