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Title: The Teeth of the Lion: The Story of the Beloved and Despised Dandelion, Author: Anita Sanchez
Title: Our Mark on This Land: A Guide to the Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps in America's Parks, Author: Ren Davis
Title: Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley: A Guide to Mounds and Earthworks of the Adena, Hopewell and Late Woodland People / Edition 2, Author: Susan L Woodward
Title: Homegrown: Stories from the Farm, Author: Evelyn Hoyt Frolking
Title: The Geometric Alphabet of Cultural Landscapes, Author: Alexei V. Novikov
Title: Pitcher Plants of the Americas, Author: Stewart McPherson
Title: Lost Stars: Lost, Missing and Troublesome Stars from the Catalogues of Johannes Bayer, Nicholas-Louis de Lacaille, John Flamsteed and Sundry Others, Author: Morton Wagman
Title: A Mile Deep and Black As Pitch: An Oral History of the Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines, Author: Carrie Papa
Title: And the Winds Blew Cold: Stalinist Russia As Experienced by an American Emigrant, Author: Eva Stolar Meltz
Title: The New Patterns in the Sky: Myths and Legends of the Stars, Author: Julius D Staal
Title: An Old House in Greenville, Virginia: A Study of Human Intention in Vernacular Architecture, Author: Michael S. Shutty Jr.
Title: John Tyler: President of Many Firsts, Author: Jane C. Walker
Title: Paris Reflections: Walks Through African-American Paris, Author: Christiann Anderson
Title: Juan Ponce de Leon and the Spanish Discovery of Puerto Rico and Florida, Author: Robert H Fuson
Title: Missing Links: Evolutionary Concepts & Transitions through Time, Author: Robert A. Martin
Title: An Alien in Antarctica: Reflections upon Forty Years of Exploration and Research on the Frozen Continent, Author: Charles Heatwole
Title: Presidential Sites: A Directory of Places Associated with Presidents of the United States, Author: William G. Clotworthy
Title: Trackards for North American Mammals, Author: David Brown
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Title: Most Wonderful in the Smallest: A Year in Pursuit of Common Freshwater Microorganisms, Author: Linda VanAller Hernick
Title: Rainbows of Rock, Tables of Stone: The Natural Arches and Pillars of Ohio, Author: Timothy A. Snyder

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