Title: Backlash: Oblivion 2
Director: Sam Irvin
Title: Grease 2
Director: Pat Birch
Title: Mind Games
Director: Bob Yari
Title: The Boys Next Door
Title: The Perfect Tenant
Director: Doug Campbell
Title: The Haunted House, Author: Hilaire Belloc
Title: The Postmaster General, Author: Hilaire Belloc
Title: My Brother Evelyn and Other Profiles, Author: Alec Waugh
Title: Mr. Pye, Author: Mervyn Peake
Title: In the Ocean of Night, Author: Gregory Benford
Title: I Was Waiting For You, Author: Maxim Jakubowski
Title: The Man Who Made Gold, Author: Hilaire Belloc
Title: Across the Sea of Suns, Author: Gregory Benford
Title: The Dreyfus Trials, Author: Guy Chapman