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Title: The Wiz [Original Soundtrack], Artist:
Title: One Wish: The Holiday Album, Artist: Whitney Houston
Title: Mister Magic, Artist: Grover Washington Jr.
Title: Baltimore, Artist: Nina Simone
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Title: Days Like This: The Best of Kenny Lattimore, Artist: Kenny Lattimore
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Title: The Wind Beneath My Wings, Artist: James Galway
Title: The Wild Heart, Artist: Stevie Nicks
Title: You're the One for Me, Artist: D Train
Title: Prelude, Artist: Deodato
Title: Keep Your Soul Together/Polar AC/Skagly, Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Title: She Was Too Good to Me, Artist: Chet Baker
Title: Balance, Artist: Balance
Title: High Energy/Liquid Love/Windjammer, Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Title: To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story, Artist: Nina Simone
Title: La Cathedral Y El Toro, Artist: Joe Farrell
Title: Whirlwinds/Artistry, Artist: Deodato
Title: 2nd Wave, Artist: Surface
Title: Maynard, Artist: Maynard Ferguson