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Title: Invisible: New Zealand's History of Excluding Kiwi-Indians, Author: Jacqueline Leckie
Title: The Forgotten Coast, Author: Richard Shaw
Title: Vonney Ball: Ceramics, Author: Helen Schamroth
Title: Christchurch Architecture: A Walking Guide, Author: John Walsh
Title: Fridays with Jim: Conversations about our country with Jim Bolger, Author: David Cohen
Title: New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues, Author: Carl Bradley
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Title: Gretchen Albrecht: between gesture and geometry, Author: Luke Smythe
Title: Sleeping Better in Pregnancy: A guide to sleep heath, Author: Clare Ladyman
Title: Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2017, Author: Jack Ross
Title: Will to Win: New Zealand netball greats on team culture and leadership, Author: Andy Martin
Title: Our First Foreign War: The Impact of the South African War 1899-1902 on New Zealand, Author: Nigel Robson
Title: Tooth and Veil: The life and times of the New Zealand dental nurse, Author: Noel O'Hare
Title: The New Zealand Land & Food Annual 2017: Volume 2, Author: Claire Massey
Title: Cyber Security and Policy: A substantive dialogue, Author: Andrew Colarik
Title: The Home Front: New Zealand society and the war effort, 1914-1919, Author: Steven Loveridge
Title: Experience of a Lifetime: People, personalities and leaders in the First World War, Author: John Crawford
Title: For King and Other Countries: The New Zealanders who fought in other services in the First World War, Author: Christine Clement
Title: Sunday Best: How the church shaped New Zealand and New Zealand shaped the church, Author: Peter Lineham
Title: Tree of Strangers, Author: Barbara Sumner
Title: Fifty Years a Feminist, Author: Sue Kedgley

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