Title: Making Space: A history of New Zealand women in architecture, Author: Elizabeth Cox Pre-Order Now
Title: Soldiers, Scouts and Spies: A military history of the New Zealand Wars 1845-1864, Author: Cliff Simons
Title: Invisible: New Zealand's History of Excluding Kiwi-Indians, Author: Jacqueline Leckie
Title: Song for Rosaleen, Author: Pip Desmond
Title: The New New Zealand: Facing demographic disruption, Author: Paul Spoonley
Title: Free to Be Children: Preventing child sexual abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand, Author: Robyn Salisbury
Title: 30 Queer Lives: Conversations with LGBTQIA+ New Zealanders, Author: Matt McEvoy
Title: The Treaty on the Ground: Where we are headed, and why it matters, Author: Rachael Bell
Title: Dear Oliver: Uncovering a Pakeha history, Author: Peter Wells
Title: Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2020, Author: Johanna Emeney
Title: 50 Years Young: A History of the Young Farmer of the Year, Author: Kate Taylor
Title: Shining Land: Looking for Robin Hyde, Author: Haru Sameshima
Title: Solo: Backcountry Adventuring in Aotearoa New Zealand, Author: Hazel Phillips
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Title: Mana Whakatipu: Ngai Tahu leader Mark Solomon on Leadership and Life, Author: Mark Solomon
Title: Our First Foreign War: The Impact of the South African War 1899-1902 on New Zealand, Author: Nigel Robson
Title: Adopted: Love, loss, family and reunion, Author: Brigitta Baker
eBook $10.99 $12.99 Current price is $10.99, Original price is $12.99.
Title: One Minute Crying Time, Author: Barbara Ewing
Title: Three Kiwi Tales: More fabulous fix-it stories from Wildbase Hospital, Author: Janet Hunt
Title: The Citizen: Past and present, Author: Andrew Brown
Title: Intro: A practical guide to journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand, Author: Grant Hannis

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