Title: The FBI's Most Wanted, Author: Alan Wachtel
Title: Rachael Ray: From Candy Counter to Cooking Show, Author: Shaina C. Indovino
Title: Gay Issues and Politics: Marriage, the Military, & Work Place Discrimination, Author: Jaime A. Seba
Title: The Story of Interscope Records, Author: Diane Bailey
Title: The Kurds (Major Muslim Nations Series), Author: LeeAnne Gelletly
Title: Fascism, Author: Seth H. Pulditor
Title: Oligarchy, Author: LeeAnne Gelletly
Title: Democracy, Author: Diane Bailey
Title: Addiction in America: Society, Psychology, and Heredity, Author: Ida Walker
Title: What Causes Sexual Orientation? Genetics, Biology, Psychology, Author: Bill Palmer
Title: Confucius: Great Chinese Philosopher, Author: Anna Carew-Miller
Title: Emotional Disturbance, Author: Autumn Libal
Title: Dr. Dre, Author: C.F. Earl
Title: Escape and Evasion, Author: Jack Montana
Title: Mexican Americans, Author: Frank DePietro
Title: The Government of China, Author: Bin Yu
Title: Italy, Author: Ademola O. Sadik
Title: Surviving the World's Extreme Regions: Desert, Arctic, Mountains, & Jungle, Author: Chris McNab
Title: African Americans in Sports, Author: James Nasium
Title: Healthy Fast Foods, Author: Kim Etingoff

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