Title: Cosmetologist, Author: Christie Marlowe
Title: Frank Lloyd Wright : Force of Nature, Author: Eric Peter Nash
Title: Dr. Dre, Author: C.F. Earl
Title: Nicaragua (Discovering Central America: History, Politics, and Culture Series), Author: Charles J. Shields
Title: Klimt, Author: Isobel Brown
Title: Ice Hockey, Author: Andrew Luke
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Apprenticeships, Author: Laura D. Radley
Title: Harry Truman: From Farmer to President, Author: Kim Etingoff
Title: Alternatives to Prison: Rehabilitation and Other Programs, Author: Craig Russell
Title: Criminal Psychology & Personality Profiling, Author: Joan Esherick
Title: Hunting With the Native Americans, Author: Rob Staeger
Title: Solving Crimes with Physics, Author: William Hunter
Title: Africa: Facts and Figures, Author: William Mark Habeeb
Title: Mount Rushmore: Memorial to Our Greatest Presidents, Author: Laura K. Hahn
Title: Guinea Pigs, Author: Anne McBride
Title: Burning Money: The Cost of Smoking, Author: Amy N. Thomas
Title: Basketball, Author: Gabrielle Vanderhoof
Title: Dwight Howard, Author: Shaina Indovino
Title: Campfire Songs, Ballads, and Lullabies: Folk Music, Author: Gus Snedeker
Title: Bahrain (Major Muslim Nations Series), Author: Lisa McCoy

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