Title: Ice Hockey, Author: Andrew Luke
Title: Burning Money: The Cost of Smoking, Author: Amy N. Thomas
Title: Bruce Springsteen, Author: Rae Simons
Title: The Heroin Crisis, Author: John Cashin
Title: David Archuleta, Author: Chuck Bednar
Title: Tim Duncan, Author: Chuck Bednar
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Title: The Geography of China, Author: Jia Lu
Title: Why Why Why Do Tornadoes Spin?, Author: Staff of Mason Crest Publishers
Title: Genetic Engineering, Author: Dave Bond
Title: Incarceration and Families, Author: Hilary W. Poole
Title: Ludacris, Author: Celicia Scott
Title: Migraines and Seizures, Author: Rebecca Sherman
Title: America's Best Dance Crew, Author: Diane Bailey
Title: Why Why Why Are Sharks So Scary?, Author: Staff of Mason Crest Publishers
Title: Sports of Mexico, Author: Erika M. Stokes
Title: Festivals, Author: Ellen Galford
Title: Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Author: Kristy Kaminsky
Title: Putting Out the Fire: Smoking and the Law, Author: Joyce Libal
Title: Tony Parker, Author: Chuck Bednar
Title: Frederick Douglass: Abolitionist, Author, Editor, and Diplomat, Author: Jim Whiting

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