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Title: P.I. Jax and The Missing Blanket, Author: Breia Jefferson Pre-Order Now
Title: All Through the Game, Author: Demetrius Purvis II Pre-Order Now
Title: Maral & Lupita: A Celebration of Friendship, Author: Judith Verduzco Pre-Order Now
Title: My Pink Ribbons, Author: Marissa Johnson
Title: Where are Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon?, Author: Julianne L.M. Pre-Order Now
Title: Valencia and the Velvet Dress, Author: Lorri Jackson Pre-Order Now
Title: The Adventures of Humfrey the Hummingbird: Friendship Is Its Own Reward!, Author: Betty Holland
Title: Special Delivery, Author: Emily Moore Pre-Order Now
Title: Mannon Makes Friends: Book 1 of the Mannon the Manchester series, Author: Yolanda Stanton PhD Pre-Order Now
Title: Emerald the Green Dolphin, Author: Dr. Ronald Gilbar
Title: Sweet Dreams, Kailey Ruth, Author: Macey Philips-Ross Pre-Order Now
Title: Embrace Your Skin, Embrace Yourself, Author: Dr. Haley D. Heibel
Title: The Truth Fairy, Author: Tori Praver
Title: Are You a Pineapple?, Author: Kathryn A. Zolman
Title: The Indian Dance Show, Author: Radhika Sen
Title: The Hero of Hawk's Nest Beach: A Sea Turtle Rescue, Author: Barbara Gervais Ciancimino
Title: Dogs Don't Eat Apples, Author: Caitlin Fusco Pre-Order Now
Title: Bonjour, Rosie!, Author: Jaime Poremba
Title: The Ultimate Eid Gift, Author: Reem Alajmi
Title: Self-Care with Ted and Friends, Author: Najma Khorrami

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