Title: Part of You, Not All of You: Shared Wisdom and Guided Journaling for Life with Chronic Illness, Author: Jenneh Rishe
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Title: Your First Golf Lesson, Author: Heather Behrmann
Title: Countdown 'Til Daddy Comes Home, Author: Kristin Ayyar
Title: Consciousness Beyond Death: True Stories of Signs, Messages, and Timing, Author: Sophia Demas
Title: Discover: A Calypso's Journey Novel, Author: Isabella Gerborg Pre-Order Now
Title: 48 Minutes Forever: The History of High School Football in New Jersey's Shore Conference, Author: Nick Scerbo
Title: Different is Awesome, Author: Ryan Haack
Title: Chloe has Chlamydia, Author: Jackie Prince
Title: The Weeping House, Author: F.P. LaRue Pre-Order Now
Title: The Conscious Marketer, Author: Jim Joseph
Title: Always Anjali, Author: Sheetal Sheth
Title: A Taste of Living in Charleston: Lowcountry Dishes Anyone Can Cook, Author: Bobby Shealy
Title: Figure It Out: My Thirty-Two-Year Journey While Revolutionizing Pro Football's Special Teams, Author: Mike Westhoff
Title: An Alani Adventure, Author: Tara Lala
Title: Turning: The Magic and Mystery of More Days, Author: Becky Blue
Title: Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food, Author: Carl Orsbourn
Title: Court of the Dark Fae, Author: Aiysha Qureshi
Title: Being Small (Isn't So Bad After All), Author: Lori Orlinsky
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Title: Bindiya in India, Author: Monique Kamaria Chheda MD
Title: A Place to Anchor: Journalism, Cancer, and Rewriting Mi Vida as a Latina on the Border, Author: Estela Casas

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