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Title: 10 Gulab Jamuns: Counting with an Indian Sweet Treat, Author: Sandhya Acharya
Title: 121 Days: The Corbin Raymond Story of Fighting for Life and Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury, Author: Sadie Raymond
Title: 15 Days of Love, Author: Kristina Gipe
Title: 18 Ingredients to Make a Daddy, Author: Trashina Connor
Title: 18 Things College Students Need to Know, Author: Renée Bailey
Title: A Big Hit With the Cubs, Author: Chad Pio
Title: A Blueberry Day, Author: Etaine Raphael
Title: A Cavalier Cat: The Story of Pretzel, A Much Loved Stray from UVA, Author: Barbara W. Morin
Title: A Comic Vision of Great Constancy, Author: Alan Griesinger
Title: A Comic Vision of Self-Government: Essays About Political Ideas Shaped and Illuminated by Wisdom Literature, Author: Alan Griesinger
#2 in Series
Title: A Dog Named Trouble...Goes to a Forever Home, Author: Anthony Gonzalez
Title: A Duck from Oregon Tries to Fly!, Author: The Duck
Title: A Giraffe in the Gym, Author: Beatrice Brown
Title: A Goat Named Joey, Author: Tom Nochera
Title: A Great White Christmas, Author: Cody VandeZande
Title: A Hug From Heaven, Author: Anna Whiston-Donaldson
Title: A is for Atlanta, Author: Ryan Rivera
Title: A Man of His Time (Secrets from a Halfway World), Author: Steve Rochinski
Title: A Normal Turtle, Author: Doug Reynolds
Title: A Shark Tooth Fairy Tale, Author: Erica Morgan

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