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Title: Penelope's Bully, Author: Andre Gatling
Title: Part of You, Not All of You: Shared Wisdom and Guided Journaling for Life with Chronic Illness, Author: Jenneh Rishe Pre-Order Now
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Title: Always Anjali, Author: Sheetal Sheth
Title: Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food, Author: Carl Orsbourn
Title: Bravo Anjali!, Author: Sheetal Sheth
Title: Smarter Not Harder: 17 Navy SEAL Maxims to Elevate Critical Thinking and Prosper in Business and Life, Author: David Sears
Title: Unseen Arms: A Story about Cancer, Crisis, and Being Carried by Faith, Author: Evelyn Hausknecht
Title: Parker the Purple Penguin, Author: Marybeth Wishart
Title: Countdown 'Til Daddy Comes Home, Author: Kristin Ayyar
Title: The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence, Author: Tara Jaye Frank
Title: Max Out Mindset: Proven Strategies that Prepare You and Your Team for Battle in Business, Sport, and Life, Author: Larry Widman
Title: The Little Aces, A Golf Story, Author: Rose Ostrow
Title: The Little Things: A Memoir of Paralysis, Motivation, and Pursuing a Meaningful Life, Author: Jack Trottier
Title: A Dog Named Trouble...Goes to a Forever Home, Author: Anthony Gonzalez
Title: A Duck from Oregon Tries to Fly!, Author: The Duck
Title: Better Together: A Memoir of Persistence, Inclusion, and a Family's Power to Overcome, Author: Shaun Evans Pre-Order Now
Title: Dreams, Nightmares, and Reality: A Family Memoir, Author: Helga Hatvany Pre-Order Now
Title: A Taste of Living in Charleston: Lowcountry Dishes Anyone Can Cook, Author: Bobby Shealy
Title: Tangled Up, Author: Jamie Edelbrock
Title: Super Girl Azalee, Author: Shameeka Spann

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