Title: Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back to Bountiful), Artist: Nanci Griffith
Title: The Essential Highwaymen, Artist: The Highwaymen
Title: The Very Best of the Highwaymen, Artist: The Highwaymen
Title: Highwayman, Artist: The Highwaymen
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Title: Classic Folk Music from Smithsonian Folkways, Artist:
Title: 75th Birthday Celebration, Artist: Joan Baez
Title: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection, Artist: Pete Seeger
Title: Blessed Are... [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Joan Baez
Title: The Social Power of Music, Artist:
Title: American Dreamers: Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom, Artist: John Daversa
Title: So Rebellious a Lover, Artist: Carla Olson
Title: Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts, Artist: Woody Guthrie
Title: 65th Birthday Bash, Artist: Hans Theessink
Title: Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me, Artist: Barbara Dane
Title: Hot Jazz Cool Blues & Hard-Hitting Songs, Artist: Barbara Dane
Title: The Blessing and the Curse, Artist: Lance Canales
Title: Hope Machine, Artist: Big Green
Title: American Dreams, Artist: Hank Woji
Title: Inspired Cardplay, Author: David Bird
Title: Bridging Two Worlds, Author: Martin Hoffman

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