Title: Ian Fleming and Operation Golden Eye: Keeping Spain out of World War II, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: One Foot in the Grave, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: Ian Fleming's War: The Inspiration for 007, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Claudette Colvin Refuses to Move: Courageous Kid of the Civil Rights Movement, Author: Ebony Joy Wilkins
Title: Agent Cicero: Hitler's Most Successful Spy, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: A Witch in Time, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
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Title: The Rebecca Code: Rommel's Spy in North Africa and Operation Condor, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Dead Easy, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: Dead on My Feet, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: Titanic Disaster!: Nickolas Flux and the Sinking of the Great Ship, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: Killing Keiko, Author: Mark Simmons
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Title: Operation Flamenco, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Punk Marketing: Get Off Your Ass and Join the Revolution, Author: Richard Laermer
Title: Of The Night, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Trapped in Antarctica!: Nickolas Flux and the Shackleton Expedition, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: The Business Playground: Where Creativity and Commerce Collide, Author: Dave Stewart
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Title: Nicolson's Gold, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Habeas Corpses, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: Flight to Freedom!: Nickolas Flux and the Underground Railroad, Author: Mari Bolte
Title: The British and Cyprus: An Outpost of Empire to Sovereign Bases, 1878-1974, Author: Mark Simmons

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