Title: In the Land of Grey and Pink, Artist: Caravan
Title: In Search of the Lost Chord [50th Anniversary Edition], Artist: The Moody Blues
Title: Dust of Time: An Anthology 1969-2021, Artist: Hawkwind
Title: Time Passages, Artist: Al Stewart
Title: Taking Some Time On: Underground Sounds of 1970, Artist:
Title: Breakthrough: Underground Sounds of 1971, Artist:
Title: Third [Remastered/Bonus CD], Artist: Soft Machine
Title: Songs for a Tailor [UK Bonus Tracks], Artist: Jack Bruce
Title: K-PAX
Title: Camel [UK Bonus Tracks], Artist: Camel
Title: Scruffy Duffy, Artist: Duffy
by Duffy
Title: Turn of the Cards, Artist: Renaissance
Title: Mosaics: Albums 1969-1972, Artist: Third Ear Band
Title: Colin Scot [2021 Expanded Edition], Artist: Colin Scot
Title: Lost in My Dream: An Anthology 1968-1974, Artist: Spooky Tooth
Title: Sea Shanties [Bonus Tracks], Artist: High Tide
Title: Moonmadness [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Camel
Title: Pressure Points: Live in Concert, Artist: Camel
Title: I've Always Wanted to Do This, Artist: Jack Bruce
Title: Neverneverland [UK Bonus Tracks], Artist: The Pink Fairies

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