Title: Deadout, Author: Jon McGoran
Title: Dust Up, Author: Jon McGoran
Title: Stars In My Eyes: My Love Affair with Books, Movies, and Music, Author: David Morrell
Title: Enemy of Valor, Author: Josh Hayes
Title: A.I. Assault, Author: Vaughn Heppner
Title: Red Metal, Author: Mark Greaney
Title: Judas Kiss, Author: Rick Partlow
Title: The Butcher of Khardov, Author: Dan Wells
Title: The World's Favorite Ghost Stories: 13 Creepy Tales, Author: Tony Brueski
Title: Second Hand Curses, Author: Drew Hayes
Title: The Knowland Retribution, Author: Richard Greener
Title: Crompton Divided, Author: Robert Sheckley
Title: Code Breakers: Delta, Author: Colin F. Barnes
Title: Oblivion, Author: Steve White
Title: The Romanoff Jewels, Author: Maxwell Grant
Title: The Golden Man, Author: Kenneth Robeson
Title: A Story that Ends with a Scream: And Eight Others, Author: James Leo Herlihy
Title: Dark and Stormy Knights, Author: P. N. Elrod
Title: Ex-KOP, Author: Warren Hammond
Title: Certainty, Author: Liane Merciel

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