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Title: Emerging Issues in the Water Environment during Anthropocene: A South East Asian Perspective, Author: Manish Kumar
Title: Intercropping Under Rice-Based Cropping System: An Experimental Study on Productivity and Profitability, Author: Manish Kumar Singh
Title: Contaminants in Drinking and Wastewater Sources: Challenges and Reigning Technologies, Author: Manish Kumar
Title: Pharmacotherapeutic Botanicals for Cancer Chemoprevention, Author: Manish Kumar
Title: Sostituti dello zucchero nella prevenzione della carie dentale, Author: Dushyant Pal Singh
Title: Mastering Hadoop 3: Big data processing at scale to unlock unique business insights, Author: Chanchal Singh
Title: Impact of COVID-19 on Emerging Contaminants: One Health Framework for Risk Assessment and Remediation, Author: Manish Kumar
Title: Kisan Credit Card: A Qualitative Assessment of Moradabad District, Author: Jha Manish Kumar
Title: Applied Big Data Analytics in Operations Management, Author: Manish Kumar
Title: Pense profundamente sobre o romance, Author: MANISH KUMAR RATHAUR
Title: Computers in Agriculture, Author: Manish Kumar Sharma
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Title: Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Membranes: Smart Polymeric Membranes, Author: Mihir Kumar Purkait
Title: Puzzles for Brain Exercise, Author: MANISH KUMAR RATHAUR
Title: Textbook on Meat, Poultry and Fish Technology, Author: Jhari Sahoo
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Title: Expanding the horizon of Blue Ocean, Author: Pankaj Aswal
Title: Emerging Aquatic Contaminants: One Health Framework for Risk Assessment and Remediation in the Post COVID-19 Anthropocene, Author: Manish Kumar Pre-Order Now
Title: Export promotion strategy of The MMTC LTD., Author: Manish Kumar Srivastava
Title: Understanding of Prameha and its management with Vanga (Tin) Bhasma, Author: Manish Kumar Saini
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Title: Legacy, Pathogenic and Emerging Contaminants in the Environment, Author: Manish Kumar
Title: Design and Implementation of Digital Watermarking, Author: Gupta Manish

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