Title: Maggie Smith Creative Relief Coloring Book: Powerful Motivation and Success, Calm Mindset and Peace Relaxing Coloring Book for Adults, Author: Audrey Galvan
Title: Dead Inside: An absolutely gripping serial killer thriller and your favourite new crime series (Maggie Jamieson Crime Thriller, Book 1), Author: Noelle Holten
Title: Angel Food and Devil Dogs - A Maggie Gale Mystery, Author: Liz Bradbury
Title: PROTOCOL, Author: Kathleen Valenti
Title: Address to Die For, Author: Mary Feliz
Title: Don't Even Breathe, Author: Keith Houghton
Title: Roadside Attraction, Author: J. Carson Black
Title: Maggie Adopts a Kitten: (It really happened!), Author: Marci Kladnik
Title: Maggie and a Horse Named Devildust, Author: Judy Alter
Title: Maggie Needs An Alibi, Author: Kasey Michaels
Title: Bedpans, Teapots, and Corpses, Author: Kitty Margo
Title: Mark of the Witch, Author: Maggie Shayne
Title: The Man Who Stole Bird Songs, Author: Cathryn E Davis
Title: Down the Colorado, Author: Karen Hopkins
Title: Lattes, Layoffs And Love, Author: Brenda Brophy
Title: Vendetta, Author: Jack McSporran
Title: Death at the Cathedral, Author: Mw Burdette
Title: Escape out of Darkness, Author: Anne Stuart
Title: The Dead Maggie Chronicles, Author: joseph Inge Jr
Title: Maggie Jane: I'll Write a Song About That, Author: Emily Rogan

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