Title: Media Psychology, Author: Gayle Brewer
Title: The Theory and Practice of Change Management / Edition 5, Author: John Hayes
Title: A History of the Low Countries / Edition 2, Author: Paul Arblaster
Title: Romanticism: A Sourcebook, Author: Simon Bainbridge
Title: Disability and the Media, Author: Katie Ellis
Title: Beginning Old English / Edition 2, Author: Carole Hough
Title: A History of English Literature / Edition 3, Author: Michael Alexander
Title: King James, Author: Pauline Croft
Title: The Awakening: Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism Series / Edition 2, Author: Macmillan Education UK
Title: Models of Mental Health, Author: Gavin Davidson
Title: Social and Emotional Development:: Attachment Relationships and the Emerging Self, Author: Karen Rosen
Title: Mastering Modern World History / Edition 5, Author: Norman Lowe
Title: Issues in 21st Century World Politics / Edition 3, Author: Mark Beeson
Title: Brilliant Writing Tips for Students, Author: Julia Copus
Title: A Writer's Craft: Multi-Genre Creative Writing, Author: Kendall Dunkelberg
Title: In Search of the Perfect Health System, Author: Mark Britnell
Title: Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy: From Machiavelli to Marx, Author: Alistair Edwards
Title: A History of Modern Tourism, Author: Eric Zuelow
Title: The Relevance of Political Science, Author: Gerry Stoker
Title: Sources of the Holocaust / Edition 1, Author: Steve Hochstadt

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