Title: Come to the Stable
Director: Henry Koster
Title: Summer Stock
Title: Moon over Miami
Director: Walter Lang
Title: It Happens Every Spring
Title: Springtime in the Rockies
Title: Thin Ice
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Title: Iceland
Title: Three Little Girls in Blue
Title: Now and Forever
Director: Henry Hathaway
Title: Sweet Rosie O'Grady
Title: The Dolly Sisters
Title: Song of the Islands
Director: Walter Lang
Title: Call Me Mister
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Title: Star Dust
Director: Walter Lang
Title: This Is My Affair
Director: William Seiter
Title: That Night in Rio
Title: White Woman
Director: Stuart Walker
Title: The Princess Comes Across
Title: The Old-Fashioned Way
Title: Josette
Director: Allan Dwan

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