Title: Trust in Me, Author: Diana DeRicci
Title: Mended with Gold, Author: Lee Welch
Title: McShayne's Dragon, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: Kisses Sweeter Than Candy, Author: Shawn Bailey
Title: All or Nothing, Author: James Buchanan
Title: Stranded, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: Beneath The Shield, Author: Diana DeRicci
Title: Inland Empire, Author: James Buchanan
Title: Killer Reunion, Author: Richard Stevenson
Title: Cheating Chance, Author: James Buchanan
Title: Walk Me Down The Middle, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: Big Diehl:The Road Home, Author: George Seaton
Title: Captain's Mate, Author: Jenn Dease
Title: Christmas Eve Wish, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: Rise Out Of The Flames, Author: Jackie Nacht
Title: Vampire Prince, Author: S.J. Frost
Title: Demon Duke, Author: S.J. Frost
Title: Protective Instincts, Author: S.J. Frost
Title: This Christmas, Author: J.P. Bowie
Title: Christmastime at Papa Lee's, Author: N.J. Nielsen

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