Title: The Butterfly Project, Author: ANR
by ANR
Title: The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, Author: Roger Williams
Title: thepoeticunderground, Author: Erin Hanson
Title: Voyage - The Poetic Underground #2, Author: Erin Hanson
Title: Dreamscape - The Poetic Underground #3, Author: Erin Hanson
Title: Vision 2020, Author: Floyd Jeter
Title: The Shame of the Cities: The Famous Muckraking Expose of Corruption in America?s Cities: St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York, Author: Lincoln Steffens
Title: Coloring Book For Women: A Spiritual Message for Women Coping with Divorce of Spiritual Poems, Bible Scriptures, and Beautiful Patterns to Color for Healing, Brokenness, Anxiety, and Fears, Author: Beatrice Harrison
Title: The Thorns of Winter: A Story of Survival, Author: M. Jon Roberts
Title: The Diary of Gus Childers: The Shimmering - Book Two, Author: Michael Clark
Title: Alice in Wonderland Collection: All Four Books, Author: Lewis Carroll
Title: Deception: a Phantom of the Opera Novel, Author: Shirley Yoshinaka
Title: Letter to the Universe, Author: Paige Laureate
Title: Adamu - Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick, Author: Michael W Ford
Title: Grow Money II - A Teenager's Guide to Saving and Investing, Author: Michael Pellittiere II
Title: End of Ever After, Author: E. L. Tenenbaum
Title: Book of the Witch Moon, Author: Michael W. Ford
Title: How to Be a Great Manager of People, Author: William Robinson
Title: Poetry from an Uneducated Black Mind, Author: Khaalil Sutton
Title: The Last Gunfighter, Author: Oscar Jr. Reagan

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