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Title: thepoeticunderground, Author: Erin Hanson
Title: Dreamscape - The Poetic Underground #3, Author: Erin Hanson
Title: Your First 90 Days in a New Job (How to Make an Impact), Author: William Robinson
Title: Finding The Lost Battalion: Beyond The Rumors, Myths And Legends Of America's Famous WW1 Epic, Author: Robert Laplander
Title: Book of the Witch Moon Choronzon Edition, Author: Michael W Ford
Title: Cooking with a Serial Killer Recipes from Dorothea Puente, Author: Shane Bugbee
Title: The Jotunbok: Working With The Giants Of The Northern Tradition, Author: Raven Kaldera
Title: The Art of Being Here, Author: Pluto Irving
Title: Adamu - Luciferian Tantra And Sex Magick, Author: Michael W. Ford
Title: The Call of Cthulhu, Author: H. P. Lovecraft
Title: The Book on Hosting: How Not to Suck as an Emcee, Author: Dan Rosenberg
Title: Commodork, Author: Rob O'Hara
Title: Hiding on the Bottom, Author: James Rosemond
Title: The Diary Of A Patient Man, A Father's Struggle, Author: William Stoneking
Title: Thumbs: Stories, Sketches and Stupid Little Comic Strips, Author: Brian Heagney
Title: The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, Author: Roger Williams
Title: Remf War Stories 17th Cag - Nha Trang, Vietnam - 1969, Author: Dean Muehlberg
Title: The Serious Scale Of Sarcasm, Author: Craig Rozniecki
Title: Alexander's Lovers, Author: Andrew Chugg
Title: Last Call on the Potomac: True D.C. Metro Area Ghost Stories, Author: Al Tyas

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