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Title: WWII Diary Pvt. Donald Duane Johnson, Author: Mary Johnson Corcoran
Title: Raised on Dirt and Sunshine: A Book of Short Stories, Author: Gary Smallwood
Title: Menage a Trois, Author: Margery Wakefield
Title: The Wilder Family History: The True Life Journey of Lee Ander Wilder and Elizabeth Fancher Ramsey and Their Children, Author: Donna Leach
Title: Wept: A Memoir, Author: Naiwa Northey
Title: Children of Arnhem's Kaleidoscope, Author: Graham Wilson
Title: I Have Asperger's, Author: Erin Clemens
Title: It's a Rough Life (Being Me), Author: Thomas Hudson
Title: Ben and Irene: A Love Story, Author: Terri Edmund White
Title: The Rental, Author: Brian Osburn
Title: Ferlandsakes!, Author: Arlene Hill
Title: Homestead, a Family History of Leon R. Hunt and Beth Carroll, Author: Douglas Allen Hunt
Title: The Hole: Book One, Author: Dameon Gibbs
Title: A Child of War: The Experiences of a Child Evacuee in World War II, Author: Sylvia Jennifer Taylor
Title: Two Hours That Lasted Five Years, Author: Billy Blake
Title: Who Cares? Life for an Irish Transgender Teen, Author: David Beattie
Title: Detention: A Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness, Author: Lori Schafer
Title: Letters of a Woman Homesteader, Author: Elinore Pruitt Stewart
Title: The Shoestring Letters - A Tribute to the Immigrant, Author: Edgar B. Madsen
Title: Please, Stop the Carnival - Memoirs of an Alcoholic in Paradise, Author: Peter TenEyck

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