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Title: Home Is Where Your Boots Are, Author: Kalan Chapman Lloyd
Title: Christmas Murder: Love Affair Mr. Grey & Elle, Author: Christina Easley
Title: Through a Crack In the Door, Author: Pat Garwood
Title: Matrix Murders: Mr. Grey & Elle Romance, Author: Christina Easley
Title: Slave Graves, Author: Thomas Hollyday
Title: The Abduction of Sir John Sheridan: An Unfathomable Novella, Author: Mr Erfan Rezaei
Title: Puzzle At Inch Beach, Author: Richard Stoll
Title: Fateful, Author: James Cooper
Title: A Chilling Walk on an August Afternoon: An Unsolved Murder, Author: Avelea Nixon
Title: Spooky Manner, Author: Karen Dawson
Title: True Crime: 12 Most Famous Murder Stories, Author: Ryan White
Title: Alone But Not Alone, Author: Alan Fashion
Title: The Armchair Detective and the Manor House Mystery, Author: Ian Shimwell
Title: The Armchair Detective: 'The Pilot', Author: Ian Shimwell
Title: The Continued Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Author: Samuel Ingraldi
Title: My First Suspected Serial Killer, Author: Avelea Nixon
Title: True Crime: Timeless Classics, Author: Ryan White
Title: The Phantom of the Opera, Author: Gaston Leroux
Title: The Millionaire and the Sorcerer, Author: Daniella T. Sonrious
Title: 666: Psychic Reflections on the Stafford Murder, Author: Avelea Nixon

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