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Title: The Walls Can Talk, Author: N. M. Cedeno
Title: If The Stars Are Gods, Author: Gregory Benford
Title: The Handless Maiden: A Lakota Mystery, Author: Dorothy Black Crow
Title: The Cold Fall of Grace, Author: CC Geddes
Title: The Galactic Center Companion, Author: Gregory Benford
Title: The Lamb, Author: Jacci Turner
Title: Better than Cats, Author: CC Geddes
Title: Willow's Roundup, Author: Jacci Turner
Title: Finding Willow, Author: Jacci Turner
Title: The Stars in Shroud, Author: Gregory Benford
Title: All in Her Head, Author: N. M. Cedeno
Title: A Pleasing Shape, Author: CC Geddes
Title: Runaway, Author: Patti Doty
Title: Used Elvises, Author: Cindie Geddes
Title: Morning's Journey, Author: Kim Iverson Headlee
Title: Book Of Hours: Unholy Error, Author: J. S. Anderson
Title: love jaywalks: poems from the novel Waking Up At Rembrandts, Author: Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Title: McLean's Heart, Author: Patti Doty
Title: Finding Home, Author: Patricia Doty
Title: Bending Willow, Author: Jacci Turner

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