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Title: Killing Penelope: A daughter's memoir of failed rescues, Author: Kimball Converse Pier
Title: Starship Century: Toward the Grandest Horizon, Author: James Benford
Title: Two Feet Back, Author: Grant Korgan
Title: Fate on a Folded Wing: The True Story of Pioneering Solo Pilot Joan Merriam Smith, Author: Tiffany Ann Brown
Title: Dishrags to Dirtbags, Author: Brooke Santina
Title: The View That Disappeared, Author: Jamie McNabb
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Title: Pass on the Cup of Dreams, Author: Bruce Fergusson
Title: Glamour Puss, Author: Mickey Linder
Title: Chiller: A Scientific Suspense Novel, Author: Gregory Benford
Title: More Point Reyes Sheriff's Calls, Author: Susanna Solomon
Title: Somebody Forgot to Tell Harry: Harry Reid's Journey From Searchlight to Spotlight, Author: Adrienne Tropp
Title: The Half Book: He's Taking His Ball and Going Home, Author: Dan  Duffy
Title: Cooking Up Stories: Favorite Recipes from the Oregon Writers Network, Author: Louisa Swann
Title: The Scorpion's Helper, Author: Susan W McMichaels
Title: Runaway, Author: Patti Doty
Title: Gregory's Anomaly, Author: Richard Sessions
Title: Book of Hours: Unholy Error, Author: J S Anderson
Title: The Watch That Could Do Anything, Author: R. J. Bucchianeri
Title: Freedom's Edge: A Tale of Crises and Victory, Author: Jagdish Goswami
Title: The Exception and The Rule: On Being Stage IV, Author: Sarah Kugler Powers

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