Title: The Long, Long Trailer
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Title: Yours, Mine and Ours
Title: Du Barry Was a Lady
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Title: Dance, Girl, Dance
Title: Best Foot Forward
Title: Affairs of Annabel/Annabel Takes a Tour
Title: The Facts of Life
Title: Critic's Choice
Director: Don Weis
Title: Too Many Girls
Director: George Abbott
Title: Mame
Director: Gene Saks
Title: Five Came Back
Director: John Farrow
Title: Love, Lucy, Author: Lucille Ball
Title: Forever Darling
Director: Alexander Hall
Title: Having Wonderful Time
Title: A Girl, a Guy and A Gob
Title: Easy Living
Director: Jacques Tourneur
Title: Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie
Title: Lucy Calls the President
Title: Lucy Show - Official First Season
Title: The Big Street
Director: Irving G. Reis

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