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Title: Influenza Pandemics, Author: Lizabeth Hardman
Title: Women's Movement, Author: Don Nardo
Title: The Victorian Era, Author: John F. Wukovits
Title: Early Modern World 1492-1783, Author: Tim Cook
Title: The Mysterious Maya Civilization, Author: Emily Mahoney
Title: Classical World 500 Bce-600 Ce, Author: Tim Cook
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Title: The Vietnam War: A Controversial Conflict, Author: Tamra B. Orr
Title: The History of Medicine, Author: Lizabeth Hardman
Title: The Age of Exploration, Author: Andrew A. Kling
Title: The Transatlantic Slave Trade, Author: Toney Allman
Title: The Relocation of the North American Indian, Author: John M. Dunn
Title: Industrialization and Empire 1783-1914, Author: Tim Cook
Title: Ancient Egypt: The Land of Pyramids and Pharaohs, Author: Nicole Horning
Title: Medieval Crusades, Author: Stephen Currie
Title: The Vietnam War, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: The United States and Russia: A Cold and Complex History, Author: Gary Wiener
Title: Birth of Modern India, Author: John M. Dunn
Title: First Civilizations to 500 Bce, Author: Tim Cook
Title: The Red Scare, Author: Andrew A. Kling
Title: The Scientific Revolution, Author: Don Nardo

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