Title: Fugitives of the Heart, Author: William Gay
Title: The Cosmopolitans, Author: Nadia Kalman
Title: Tales from Webster's, Author: John Shea
Title: The Made-up Man, Author: Karen Heuler
Title: Tauvernier Street, Author: Jay Atkinson
Title: Not Waving: Stories, Author: Kat Meads
Title: Married but Looking, Author: Daniel Libman
Title: Margins of Tolerance, Author: Eric Sasson
Title: Senestre on Vacation, Author: Z. K. Burrus
Title: The Lonesome Lowdown Long-gone Outbound Scootertrash Blues, Author: Mark Edmonds
Title: Traveling with Spirits, Author: Valerie Miner
Title: Everybody Says Hello, Author: Michael Kun
Title: Tartts 2: Incisive Fiction from Emerging Writers, Author: Joe Taylor
Title: Paradise: The Last Place on Earth, Author: Scott Morgan
Title: Microgravity: A Novella, Author: Beth Partin
Title: We Have a Pie, Author: Robert McVey
Title: Pickett's Charge, Author: Charles McNair
Title: Secuestro, Author: Katie Wainwright
Title: Living Memories, Author: Jerome Goddard
Title: Hopscotch, Author: Steve Cushman

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