Title: Fugitives of the Heart, Author: William Gay
Title: Searching for Jimmy Page, Author: Christy Alexander Hallberg
Title: Pickett's Charge, Author: Charles McNair
Title: The Black Harvest, Author: Daren Dean
Title: The Cosmopolitans, Author: Nadia Kalman
Title: Step Lightly, Author: Kendall Klym
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Title: Dream Fishing, Author: Scott Ely
Title: My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible, Author: Gregg Cusick
Title: Americanisation, Author: Angus Woodward
Title: Dark Road, Dead End, Author: Philip Cioffari
Title: A State of Laughter: Comic Fiction from Alabama, Author: Don Noble
Title: The Master Tanner Heads West, Author: W. C. Bamberger
Title: Schopenhauer's Maxim, Author: Joe Formichella
Title: Vineyard's Children, Author: Steve Shilstone
Title: Masques for the Fields of Time, Author: Joe Taylor
Title: Medea, Author: Richard Matturro
Title: King of Yiddish, Author: Curt Leviant
Title: Bad Piece of Luck, Author: Tom Abrams
Title: The Lonesome Lowdown Long-gone Outbound Scootertrash Blues, Author: Mark Edmonds
Title: Eating Mississippi, Author: Scott Ely

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