Title: Angels in the Bible, Author: George M. Smiga STD
Title: The Forty Parables of Jesus, Author: Gerhard Lohfink
Title: The Rule of St. Benedict in English, Author: Timothy Fry OSB
Title: Desire, Darkness, and Hope: Theology in a Time of Impasse, Author: Laurie Cassidy
Title: The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: The Apophthegmata Patrum: The Alphabetic Collection / Edition 2, Author: Benedicta Ward SLG
Title: The White Stone: The Art of Letting Go, Author: Esther De Waal
Title: This Economy Kills: Pope Francis on Capitalism and Social Justice, Author: Andrea Tornielli
Title: Waiting in Joyful Hope: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas 2021-2022, Author: Catherine Upchurch
Title: By Lamplight: A Book of Biblical Reflections, Author: Genevieve Glen OSB
Title: Overdue: A Dewey Decimal System of Grace, Author: Valerie Schultz
Title: Is This All There Is?: On Resurrection and Eternal Life, Author: Gerhard Lohfink
Title: Vatican I and Vatican II: Councils in the Living Tradition, Author: Kristin M Colberg
Title: Vatican Council II: The Conciliar and Postconciliar Documents / Edition 1, Author: Austin Flannery OP
Title: Benedictine Options: Learning to Live from the Sons and Daughters of Saints Benedict and Scholastica, Author: Patrick Henry
Title: Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church: A History, Author: Joseph F Kelly
Title: The God Who Gave You Birth: A Spirituality of Kenosis, Author: Cyprian Consiglio OSB Cam
Title: Thoughts Matter: Discovering the Spiritual Journey, Author: Mary Margaret Funk
Title: St. Benedict's Rule: An Inclusive Translation and Daily Commentary, Author: Judith Sutera OSB
Title: Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict / Edition 2, Author: Esther de Waal
Title: Commentary on the Seven Catholic Epistles, Author: Bede The Venerable

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