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Title: The White Stone: The Art of Letting Go, Author: Esther de Waal
Title: Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice: The Praxis of US Health Care in a Globalized World, Author: M. Therese Lysaught
Title: Contemplating Christ: The Gospels and the Interior Life, Author: Vincent Pizzuto
Title: Between Heaven and Earth: New Explorations of Great Biblical Texts, Author: Gerhard Lohfink
Title: Living LiturgyT: Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities, Year A (2023), Author: Jessica L. Bazan
Title: The Hermits of Big Sur, Author: Paula Huston
Title: Teresa of Calcutta: Dark Night, Active Love, Author: Jon M. Sweeney
Title: Desire, Darkness, and Hope: Theology in a Time of Impasse, Author: Laurie Cassidy
Title: Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict / Edition 2, Author: Esther de Waal
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Title: Sex, Love, and Families: Catholic Perspectives, Author: Jason King
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Title: Spiritual Wisdom of the Gospels for Christian Preachers and Teachers: Feasts, Funerals, and Weddings: Following Love Into Mystery, Author: John Shea
Title: Evagrius of Pontus: Talking Back: A Monastic Handbook for Combating Demons, Author: Evagrius
Title: The Apostolic Constitution
Title: Little Rock Catholic Study Bible: Hardcover, Author: Catherine Upchurch
Title: The Way of Spiritual Direction, Author: Francis Kelly Nemeck
Title: Quantum Shift: Theological and Pastoral Implications of Contemporary Developments in Science, Author: Heidi Ann Russell
Title: The Our Father: A New Reading, Author: Gerhard Lohfink
Title: St. Benedict's Rule: An Inclusive Translation, Author: Judith Sutera OSB
Title: Man of Dialogue: Thomas Merton's Catholic Vision, Author: Gregory K. Hillis
Title: Seventy-Four Tools for Good Living: Reflections on the Fourth Chapter of Benedict's Rule, Author: Michael Casey

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