Title: Primus-One, Author: Joe DAulerio
Title: A Christian Father, A Man of Faith, Author: Michael Cotie
Title: Family Self Defense School: Student Manual, Author: Mark Hawley
Title: Fritz Von Erich, Author: Ron Mullinax
Title: Conversion of a Vicious Roman Centurion, Author: Ethelinda Edior
Title: Run Through the Jungle, Author: Larry Musson
Title: What Your Local Department Store Doesn't Want You To Know, Author: Basheerah Simon
Title: Ol' Shakey, Author: Gene Fish
Title: The Last Orphan Maker, Author: Earl Griffin
Title: I Will Disentangle Myself .... and Leave, Author: Bob Williston
Title: Their Own Anam Cara, Author: Laura Veazey Morrison-Roets
Title: Echoes Through Time: A Harvester Adventure Series, Author: Richard Chamberlain
Title: The Fruitful Prayer Life, Author: McClinton E. Porter
Title: A Veterans How-to Guide, Author: Bill Bowman
Title: You Did What!?, Author: Earle Jacobs
Title: The Long Hard Road, Author: Bogdan Tukiendorf
Title: The Incredible Lucy, Author: Larry McCarthy
Title: Understanding the Hadeeth (Sayings) of Prophet Muhammad in the context of the Qur'an, Author: MD BS Foad
Title: What Christians Missed in Sunday School and the Others Missed by Not Going: Christian vs. New Thought, Author: Timothy Sauder
Title: If Kids Could Run The World, Author: Carrie M. Allen

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