Title: A Woman's War, Author: Warwick Deeping
Title: Omega: The Last Days of the World, Author: Camille Flammarion
Title: The Rover, Author: Joseph Conrad
Title: The Man in the Brown Suit, Author: Agatha Christie
Title: The Red House Mystery, Author: A. A. Milne
Title: Alice of Old Vincennes, Author: Maurice Thompson
Title: The Thirty-Nine Steps, Author: John Buchan
Title: Diana Trelawny, Author: Margaret Oliphant
Title: The Boss of Wind River, Author: A. M. Chisholm
Title: Human Bullets, Author: Tadayoshi Sakurai
Title: The Invisible Man, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: Calvary Alley, Author: Alice Hegan Rice
Title: The Man with the Double Heart, Author: Muriel Hine
Title: Hearts of Three, Author: Jack London
Title: Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross, Author: Florence M. Kingsley
Title: Patty's Motor Car, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: Joshua, Author: Georg Ebers
Title: On the Iron at Big Cloud, Author: Frank L. Packard
Title: Gypsy Flight, Author: Roy J. Snell
Title: Heart's Kindred, Author: Zona Gale

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