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Title: Chinese Propaganda on Tibet: A Documentary History, Author: Warren W. Smith Jr. Pre-Order Now
Title: Russian Policy towards Belarus after 2020: At a Turning Point?, Author: Ryhor Nizhnikau Pre-Order Now
Title: Olof Palme, Sweden, and the Vietnam War: A Diplomatic History, Author: Lubna Z. Qureshi Pre-Order Now
Title: Prominence in a Pitch Language: The Production and Perception of Japanese, Author: Shinobu Mizuguchi Pre-Order Now
Title: The Shadow that Lingers: What Slavery Teaches Us about Freedom, Author: Allan D Cooper Pre-Order Now
Title: Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, Author: Nigusie Kassaye W. Michael Pre-Order Now
Title: Convenience Stores as Social Spaces: Trust and Relations in Deprived Neighborhoods in the U.S., Author: Cosima Werner Pre-Order Now
Title: The War on Terror and Terror of War: Bellicose Nationalism versus Peace and Democracy, Author: Harry Anastasiou Pre-Order Now
Title: Religion and Politics in a Mediated Society: Critical Analyses and Spheres of Interinfluence in Nigeria and Beyond, Author: Bellarmine A. Ezumah Pre-Order Now
Title: The Kidnapped Bishop: Coerced Ordinations in the Late Medieval Bohemian Province, Author: Thomas Fudge Pre-Order Now
Title: The Letter in Black Radical Thought, Author: Tendayi Sithole Author of Steve Biko: Decolonial Meditations of Black Consciousness Pre-Order Now
Title: Country Teachers in City Schools: The Challenge of Negotiating Identity and Place, Author: Chea Parton Pre-Order Now
Title: A Synoptic Christology of Lament: The Lord Who Answered and the Lord Who Cried, Author: Channing L. Crisler Pre-Order Now
Title: Pedro Juan Gutiérrez's Dirty Realism: Reinventing Cuban Spaces, Author: Lori Oxford Pre-Order Now
Title: Foreign Policy Formulation and Implementation of Small States: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago, Author: Faies Jafar Pre-Order Now
Title: The Rope and the Chains: Machiavelli's Early Thought and Its Transformations, Author: Cary Joseph Nederman Pre-Order Now
Title: Everyday Life Ecologies: Sustainability, Crisis, and Resistance, Author: Alice  Dal Gobbo Pre-Order Now
Title: Engraving School Districts With the Cultural Wealth and Social Justice Advocacy of Latinx School Leaders: Stories From the Field, Author: Kendra Lowery Pre-Order Now
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Title: Parents, Children, Teens, and Psychological Viewpoints on Parenting Practices in Kuwait and Greece, Author: Juliet Dinkha Pre-Order Now
Title: Corruption in Society: Multidisciplinary Conceptualizations, Author: James T. Gire Pre-Order Now

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