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Title: Passion, Humiliation, Revenge: Hatred in Man-Woman Relationships in the 19th and 20th Century Russian Novel, Author: Lapidus
Title: Rescuing Dewey: Essays in Pragmatic Naturalism, Author: Manicas
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Title: Russian-Cuban Relations since 1992: Continuing Camaraderie in a Post-Soviet World, Author: Bain
by Bain
Title: Race and Reconciliation: Redressing Wounds of Injustice, Author: John B. Hatch
Title: State Power, Autarchy, and Political Conquest in Nigerian Federalism, Author: Kalu N. Kalu
Title: The Split in Stalin's Secretariat, 1939-1948, Author: Jonathan Harris
Title: Evolving Approaches to Managing Marine Recreational Fisheries, Author: Vishwanie Maharaj
Title: The Legends of Tono: 100th Anniversary Edition, Author: Kunio Yanagita
Title: Literary Societies of Republican China, Author: Denton & Hockx
Title: Africa in Europe: Antiquity into the Age of Global Exploration, Author: Stefan Goodwin
Title: Latin American Telecommunications: Telef-nica's Conquest, Author: Martinez
Title: After the Last Man: Excurses to the Limits of the Technological System, Author: Toivo Koivukoski
Title: America's 'War on Terrorism': New Dimensions in U.S. Government and National Security, Author: John E. Owens
Title: The Dragon's Hidden Wings: How China Rises with its Soft Power, Author: Sheng Ding
Title: Social Theory for Old and New Modernities: Essays on Society and Culture, 1976-2005, Author: Ferrarotti
Title: Secondary Cities and Urban Networking in the Indian Ocean Realm, c. 1400-1800, Author: Hall
by Hall
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Title: The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism: Community, Vision and Power, Author: Liu
by Liu
Title: Strange Reciprocity: Mainstreaming Women's Work in Tepotzlan in the 'Decade of the New Economy', Author: Sidney Perutz
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Title: God and Money: A Theology of Money in a Globalizing World, Author: Nimi Wariboko
Title: The First to Cry Down Injustice?: Western Jews and Japanese Removal During WWII, Author: Eisenberg

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