Title: Black and Brown Education in America: Integration in Schools, Neighborhoods, and Communities, Author: Samina Hadi-Tabassum
Title: Educating Black Males in the Twenty-First-Century South: Tunnel Vision?, Author: Jo Hawkins-Jones
Title: I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz, Author: Gisella Perl
Title: The Power of the Metaphysical Artifact: Controversies on Philosophy, Politics, and Science in Nineteenth-Century France and Mexico, Author: Obed Frausto
Title: The Meaning of Mourning: Perspectives on Death, Loss, and Grief, Author: Mikolaj Slawkowski-Rode
Title: Bridging the Atomic Divide: Debating Japan-US Attitudes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Author: Harry J. Wray
Title: The Red Army in Austria: The Soviet Occupation, 1945-1955, Author: Stefan Karner
Title: Atheists Finding God: Unlikely Stories of Conversions to Christianity in the Contemporary West, Author: Jana S. Harmon
Title: A Paleoconservative Anthology: New Voices for an Old Tradition, Author: Paul Gottfried
Title: The Black God Trope and Rhetorical Resistance: A Tradition of Race and Religion, Author: Armondo R. Collins
Title: Rethinking Consumer Protection: Escaping Death by Regulation, Author: Thomas Tacker
Title: Re-Centering Women in Tourism: Anti-Colonial Feminist Studies, Author: Frances Julia Riemer
Title: The Complexity and Progression of Black Representation in Film and Television, Author: David L. Moody
Title: Heaven Can Indeed Fall: The Life of Willmoore Kendall, Author: Christopher H. Owen
Title: Exploring Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand's Magnum Opus, Author: Edward W. Younkins
Title: Terrestrial Transformations: A Political Ecology Approach to Society and Nature, Author: Thomas K. Park
Title: Feminisms and Ruralities, Author: Barbara Pini
Title: Dealing with Privilege: Cannabis, Cocaine, and the Economic Foundations of Suburban Drug Culture, Author: David Crawford
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Title: The Shadow that Lingers: What Slavery Teaches Us about Freedom, Author: Allan D Cooper
Title: No Middle Ground: Anti-Imperialists and Ethical Witnessing during the Philippine-American War, Author: Erin L. Murphy

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