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Title: I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz, Author: Gisella Perl
Title: Pastoral and Spiritual Care in a Digital Age: The Future Is Now, Author: Kirk A. Bingaman
Title: John Rawls and American Pragmatism: Between Engagement and Avoidance, Author: Daniele Botti
Title: Narrating Patienthood: Engaging Diverse Voices on Health, Communication, and the Patient Experience, Author: Ashley M. Archiopoli
Title: Using Knowledge: On the Rationality of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Author: Ingemar Nordin
Title: Gifts from the Dark: Learning from the Incarceration Experience, Author: Joni Schwartz
Title: Forging Ideal Muslim Subjects: Discursive Practices, Subject Formation, & Muslim Ethics, Author: Faraz Masood Sheikh
Title: The Partisan Court: The Era of Political Partisanship on the U.S. Supreme Court, Author: Ryan J. Rebe
Title: The European Right to Be Forgotten: The First Amendment Enemy, Author: Kristie Byrum
Title: Psychoanalysis as a Subversive Phenomenon: Social Change, Virtue Ethics, and Analytic Theory, Author: Amber M. Trotter
Title: Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States: In Search of Spiritual Meaning and Ultimate Health, Author: Emily S. Wu
Title: From Sign to Symbol: Transformational Processes in Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, and Psychology, Author: Joseph Newirth
Title: Schopenhauer and the Nature of Philosophy, Author: Jonathan Head
Title: Stereotypes of Muslim Women in the United States: Media Primes and Consequences, Author: Alexis Tan
Title: Critical Rural Theory: Structure, Space, Culture, Author: Alexander R. Thomas
Title: Francophone Women Writers: Feminisms, Postcolonialisms, Cross-Cultures, Author: Eric Touya de Marenne
Title: Feelings of Believing: Psychology, History, Phenomenology, Author: Ryan Hickerson
Title: Lyrics in the Law: Music's Influence on America's Courts, Author: Mark W. Klingensmith
Title: The Power of Neuroplasticity for Pastoral and Spiritual Care, Author: Kirk A. Bingaman
Title: Scramble for the Skies: The Great Power Competition to Control the Resources of Outer Space, Author: Namrata Goswami
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