Title: Mindfulness for Vikings: Inspirational quotes and pictures encouraging a happy stress free life for adults and kids, Author: Leo Hartas
Title: Down Among the Dead Men, Author: Dave Morris
Title: Peril in the Mist, Author: Robert Swindells
Title: We Didn't Mean To!, Author: Robert Swindells
Title: The Sea Monster: Book 9, Author: Jan Burchett
Title: A Dog's Guide to Dragons: Cute drawings and funny advice from a dog who knows his dragons, Author: Leo Hartas
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Title: The Secret of the Weeping Woods, Author: Robert Swindells
Title: The Great Rescue: Book 7, Author: Jan Burchett
Title: The Strange Tale of Ragger Bill, Author: Robert Swindells
Title: Underwater Mazes, Author: Roy Preston
Title: The Ghosts of Givenham Mansion, Author: Robert Swindells
Title: Skeleton Island: Book 1, Author: Jan Burchett
Title: Kidnap at Denton Farm, Author: Robert Swindells
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Title: The Treasure Map: Book 8, Author: Jan Burchett
Title: The Ghost Ship: Book 2, Author: Jan Burchett
Title: Mindfulness para Vikingos, Author: Leo Hartas
Title: Fleeced!: An Aries Adventure, Author: Julia Wills
Title: The Deadly Trap: Book 4, Author: Jan Burchett
Title: The Adventures of Crystal Brave: Lost in the Woods, Author: BK Bradshaw
Title: Dead Man's Hand: Book 10, Author: Jan Burchett

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